In the field of human relations nothing is so important as safety, for safety applies with equal force to the individual, to the family, to the employer, to the country. Safety in its widest sense, concerns the happiness, contentment and freedom of everyone. There is no mystery in safety. The important thing is to think a situation through and then apply common sense.
Safety work is today recognized as an economic necessity. It is the study of the right way to do things.
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​On a Management Level:

  • Make safety a priority. Talk about it every day and hold weekly safety meetings to discuss new information, problems, and solutions.

  • Keep your workforce informed. Make sure employees are up to date on any changes in policies, procedures, materials, hazards, and so on. Ignorance is a dangerous enemy of safety.

  • Provide excellent training. Demonstrate, discuss, practice, and review. Drills, skill building, and knowledge transfer will mold raw material with potential into a tight-knit

  • Select the right equipment. This includes both equipment like tools and machines as well as required PPE. Make sure employees know how to use equipment properly—and follow up to make sure they dos.

  • Emphasize employee participation. Get employees involved in hazard detection, problem solving, and decision making. Everybody has something to contribute to a safer workplace.

  • Encourage suggestions. Employees know a lot about their jobs, and if you’ve trained them well, they know a lot about safety, too. Listen to their ideas for making the workplace safer.

  • Reinforce safe behavior. Give positive feedback—and lots of it—for safe performance, and use feedback to correct unsafe behavior and redirect risk taking as well.

On a Supervisory Level:

  1. Focus. Effective teams are focused on the same safety mission—identifying hazards, working safely, and preventing accidents.

  2. Goals. Effective teams understand safety goals and commit to achieving them. Everybody on the team works together toward the same goals to achieve success and prevent injuries.

  3. Involvement. When teams are successful, it’s because employees all over the workplace are involved in safety programs and in efforts to improve workplace safety.

  4. Cooperation. On effective teams members cooperate with one another and depend on each another to identify hazards, follow safety procedures, and prevent accidents.

  5. Communication. Because team members are interdependent, they must be constantly communicating, sharing information, giving warnings, reinforcing safe behavior, and talking up safety.

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The Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA) is the key legislation affecting the principles of the OSH framework.

The WSHA emphasises the importance of managing Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) proactively, by requiring stakeholders to take reasonably practicable measures that ensure the safety and health of all individuals affected in the course of work.

The key reforms under the WSHA include:

  • Allowing for a gradual increase in scope to cover all workplaces;

  • Assigning responsibilities to a range of stakeholders at the workplace along lines of control;

  • Focusing more on WSH systems and outcomes;

  • Providing for more effective enforcement through the issuance of "remedial orders"; and

  • Providing for higher penalties for non-compliant and risk-taking behaviour, to prevent accidents at the source.

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On behalf of United Medicare Centre, I would like to use this opportunity to convey our deep appreciation for your company’s voluntary act. You have walked us through the WSH journey and we would like to recognize and thank you and your team for the valuable assistance and effort.


We very much appreciate that you gave freely of your time to conduct training and meetings at United Medicare Centre so as to achieve WSH targets. As because of the efforts done by you and your team, United Medicare Centre go through Bizsafe 3 audit was successfully marked positive. We recognize that your contribution and participation has impulse our staff and had help us in cultivating certain level of safety culture within the organisation.


We trust that you and your team enjoyed supporting nursing home like us. We hope the Company will help and support more nursing home.




Our company has engaged EcoCare for long term advisory on WSH & Fire Safety. They are always professional and fast in respond. 



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